Welcome to the 5 rules of self defence

You are walking along a street and someone shouts abuse at you, what would you do?

You see a group of 5 or 6 youths drinking beer and making a nuisance of themselves, what’s your plan?

You’re involved in road rage incident – what will you do next?

Self defence & self protection is important and should you find a situation developing, you need a plan.

The above are just a few scenarios covered in our self-defence course, backed up by our 5 rules of self-defence course. Do you know how you would respond?

In this course we explain the 5 rules of self defence, how to implement them and how to use them to your advantage to protect yourself and your love ones.


This course covers 5 areas of self defence:

1.  Don't be there

We explore different levels of alertness and how to use this to avoid conflict in the first place

2. Don't get hit

Everything changes with a punch in the face

3. Don't go down

We explain why going to the ground is a really bad idea and what you can do to keep yourself on your feet

4. Get back up

Inevitably, many fights do go to the ground. We cover why this is dangerous and how to get up. quickly and safely

5. Scale your response

Different situations require different responses.  Would you know how to talk yourself out of it, push them away or knock them out?

Understand self defence, understand the rules and understand the game.

What you get

  • 5 rules of self defence

    Our 5 rules of self-defence created from 30+ years and training in martial arts.

  • Bonus Content

    Some information about legalities and an intro to traditional Ju JItsu

  • Watch on any device

    Watch on any device, any time

Also included...

  • Bonus material

    Preview of our Traditional Japanese Ju Jujtisu course

  • Legalities

    We briefly cover the legalities of a street confrontation

  • Example Scenarios

    We demonstrate an example scenario to bring our content alive.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    The 5 rules of self defence
  • 2
    Bonus Material
    • Self Defence and the law
    • Example Scenario
    • Ju Jitsu course preview - Front Strangle Defence
    • Ju Jitsu course preview - Lapel Throw

The 5 rules of self defence

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